Joan Miller, Ph. D

Compassionate Counseling for Individuals and Couples



All conversations between you and me are strictly confidential, and are protected under Georgia law. Therefore, I will not reveal the content of my communication with you to anyone (including other family members) without your written consent, unless specifically required by law (for example, child abuse, or the imminent threat of danger to you or others).

​With your permission, the information provided to insurance companies for reimbursement for services includes only a diagnosis, type of treatment, the dates of services and charges.  If additional information is requested (for instance, if you have managed care), I will discuss it with you before releasing any additional information.

Office Hours and Phone Calls

​Counselling appointments are scheduled from 11 am until 7 pm Monday through Friday. The sessions are about 55 minutes long.  The best time to contact our office is between 11 am and 4 pm on weekdays.  If I’m not available, please leave a message and I'll call you back as soon as I can.  If your consultation is prolonged, there may be a charge for it; and if your problem is complex, I may suggest that you set an additional appointment.

​If you call after office hours, leave a message and your call will be returned on the next regular business day.  If, after office hours, you have an emergency that is causing you severe stress, call our answering service directly at (800) 673-0240.  The operator will attempt to reach me or the therapist on call.  If you need to talk with someone before you receive a call back, you may call the Georgia 24-hour crisis line at (800) 715-4225.

My office is located in the Doctors Building at 2520 Windy Hill Road, Suite 106, Marietta, GA 30067. This building is located to the right of the WellStar Windy Hill Hospital, one mile north of I-285, 1/2 mile west of I-75, and one mile east of Highway 41 (Cobb Parkway).

Payment and Insurance

Payment is made at the time of each visit. You can use VISA, Maser Card, a check or cash.  If you intend to file for out-of-network insurance reimbursement, you can request an insurance receipt with all the required information (i.e., member number, group number, etc.).

​If you are interested in filing insurance, I suggest that you check with your insurance company claims' representative about your benefits.  Most insurance policies cover the services of a licensed psychologist. Some insurance companies don't cover marriage counselling; some companies require that you be pre-certified for mental health outpatient services; some companies cover only the services of those therapists in their particular network; and some companies will reimburse you after the session if you choose a therapist that is out of their network.

​Non-reimbursed expenditures for therapy are considered medical expenses for tax purposes. Talk with me if you have any concerns regarding payment.

Practice Information

Cancellations and Completing Therapy

If you want to change your appointment, we'll gladly do so without charge if you give us a 24-hour notice.  When we do not receive 24-hour notice, you'll be charged the full fee for the visit after your first missed visit.  After office hours, you may leave a message on our answering machine.  Most insurance companies won't reimburse for cancelled visits.

​When you feel you are near the end of your therapy, discuss this with me.  This allows us to review your progress complete your therapy, and discuss a satisfactory transition.  If you decide to discontinue therapy without discussion, your therapeutic relationship with me will end thirty days after your last visit. Discontinuation of therapy does not mean that you cannot resume therapy at a later time.

Getting Started

Prior to your first session, you will be asked to fill out a History Form. The more that is written on this form, the further you will get in the first session, because it summarizes your situation and outlines a direction of the therapy.  For those of you coming in as a couple, each of you will be asked to fill out both the History Form as well as the Couple's Questionnaire. These forms are available by clicking on the links above, or they are available by mail.   

​For more information, call 770-952-3308

To learn more about how I can help you,

call 770-952-3308 for your complimentary 20 minute consultation.

Before setting an appointment, ​I'll answer your general questions about therapy, and provide you with an overview of therapy.  ​The general information below will help you understand my office procedures..