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Joan Miller, Ph. D

Compassionate Counseling for Individuals and Couples

Client Agreement

This document outlines Dr. Miller's office policies. It should be read, signed and brought to the initial session. Click "Client Agreement" button to download. 

Forms to Bring to Your First Appointment

I’d be honored to help you resolve your issues and create a better life.
​Please complete the forms below & bring them to your first appointment.

History Form

All clients should bring the completed history form to the initial appointment.  Click "History Form" button to download.

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Privacy Information

This document describes the policies and practices to protect the privacy of your health information and should be read before the initial session. Click "Privacy Information" button to download. 

Couples Questionnaire

If coming in as a couple, each partner should bring a completed Couple's Questionnaire (in addition to biographical forms) to the initial visit. Click "Couples Questionnaire" button to download.